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More than fifty years have elapsed ever since the inception of the studies on Islamic Banking/Islamic Finance (IB/IF) as an integral part of Islamic economics. The idea and the underlying philosophical foundations of this paradigm have drawn attention of many Muslim and non-Muslim scholars around the globe,  as reflected in their writings. Some of these studies are useful,  original,  and worth reconsidering and the rest are facing serious problems either of the “copy-paste” nature from the conventional system or imposing some “Islamic” values in the neoclassical framework. However,  despite originality,  most,  if not all,  of the useful works suffer mainly from pursuing the goal of making a globally-viable and less confusing model. To unify the wealth of these studies,  it was felt acutely necessary to bring together the pioneers and leaders of thought and practice in IB/IF industry and highlight the basic pillars of a universal IB/IF model; Insha-Allah. To accomplish this task,  Tarbiat Modares Univesity in collaboration with Strasbourg Finance Institute (IFS),  INCEIF,  and Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance,  have organized the FIRST INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON ISLAMIC BANKING AND ISLAMIC FINANCE,  to be held in Tehran,  Iran February 11-13,  2017.

The long-term vision for organizing the FIRST INTERNATIONAL COLLOQUIUM ON ISLAMIC BANKING AND ISLAMIC FINANCE is to work towards a universal model and agreement on the fundamental question of "What Islamic Banking/Islamic Finance is and what it is not?" as it aims at the following inter-related steps,  in phase one,  as pre-requisite to asymptotically reach our long-run goal: 

 1. Narrowing the gaps of the views of experts in IB/IF industry,

2. Better understanding of the views and opinions of reputable scholars in the field,

 3. Bringing together the scattered research products in a unified manner,

 4. Producing a simple mathematical integrated model of IB/IF.



Papers in the following broader thematic areas are encouraged to be submitted. Papers should be original work,not published or submitted elsewhere,written in English.

     A. Fundamental Concepts and the Pillars of Islamic Finance in a holistic perspective

    A-1. Is there such a thing as IB/IF?  Is Riba (usury) necessary for an economic system to survive?  What assumptions need to be satisfied?

    A-2. What are the essential attributes of IB/IF?

    A-3. Principles of IB/IF

    A-4. Pillars of IB/IF as an integral part of Islamic Economics

    A-5. How IB/IF compares with the conventional system?

    A-6. Non-usury banking and the Abrahamic religions 

    B. A prelude to Modelling a globally viable IB/IF system

      B-1. Weighing different Islamic modes of contracts and their roles in economic system

     B-2. Is there a unique model of IB/IF?  What criterion should it possess to make it unique?  What role Fatwas and economic considerations play here? 

     C. Regulation and Regulatory Dimensions of IB/IF

     C-1. The relevance of capital adequacy and inadequacy in IB/IF

     C-2. How Basel I,II,and III affect IB/IF?  Do they really change the performance of IF/IF?  How?  

     D. Legal dispute resolution of IB/IF issues with special emphasis on the experiences of Muslim and Non-Muslim countries

     D-1. Legal and ethical aspects of IB/IF 

     D-2. The role of Shariah compliancy and economic considerations in selecting and promoting new Islamic products

     E. Experiences of Islamic and non-Islamic countries in implementing IB/IF

      E-1. Critical evaluation of IB/IF experiences in these countries with special reference to PLS Contract


Tarbiat Modares University
In collaboration with:

1. Strasbourg Finance Institute (IFS) - University of Strasbourg (France)
2. International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) – The Global University of Islamic Finance (Malaysia)
3. Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance - Durham University (England)
Important Dates

Conference dates:
February 11-13 2017

Abstract of Paper Deadline:
December 21 2016
Full Paper Deadline:
January 4 2017

Referee Result:
January 19 2017
Colloquium Venue

Tarbiat Modares University,Jalal AleAhmad Highway,Nasr,Tehran,Iran.
P.O.Box:           14115-111
Telephone:   ++98-21-82884391
Fax:              ++98-21-82884048

Tuesday 21 February 2017

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